Names of God series


When we discover how God has revealed Himself, we gain access into every blessing given to His people.  Come learn the names by which God has revealed Himself, that He is your Healer, your Provider, your Banner, your Righteousness, your Peace, your Lord! 

The Name Above

Sunday, July 30th - 10:30 AM

Jesus has obtained a name which is exalted above all others. The revelation of His name includes access for men and women the world over to receive His Spirit and thereby receive the spirit of adoption.

Character and Grace

Sunday, July 23rd - 10:30 AM

Character and grace revealed. Now the prophets speak. He, God is with us, in the midst. Mighty to save.

Through knowing His name, He now demonstrates His power to those who know His names.

Tsidkenu and Rohi

Sunday, July 9th - 10:30 AM

Today we explore Tsidkenu your Righteousness and Rohi your Shepherd!


*This service is Audio Only *

Please listen as you drive, work, at the gym, or on the go!


Sunday, July 2nd - 10:30 AM

Today at LFC, we explore His name YHWH Shalom, who is our peace! We celebrate open Doors, Debt Cancellation, Restoration of Fortunes and the Knowledge of God's Will through knowing His name... Shalom our Peace!

Rapha and Nissi

Sunday, June 25th - 10:30 AM

Rapha our Healer and Nissi our Banner! Psalm 91 declares those who know His name will be set on high. God reveals His name which reveals His character and therefore promises and specific graces that are accessible. 

God Reveals Himself

Sunday, June 18th - 10:30 AM

God reveals Himself through covenants and the specific manifestation of "graces" to empower and bless His people. The covenants of promise reveal these "graces".  Add to your spiritual arsenal and discover how you can walk in power.

This Same Jesus

Sunday, June 18th - 10:30 AM

As the first begotten He alone has been coronated as LORD. Called Jesus at birth and made Lord of ALL through His victory over sin and death, it is the Lordship of Jesus that provides us with both power and authority to those who know Him!


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