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Who, Me?

Tuesday, September 12th - 7:00 PM

Although it can be feel overwhelming when God calls us to act, don't feel inadequate!  Pastor Nick Santiago explains that if we'll plug into the power source and take the step of faith, the Lord will bring His Kingdom through our lives! 

Build, Train, Equip

Tuesday, September 5th - 7:00 PM

The Body of Christ must be prepared for the season ahead. This preparation must be intentional and swift, as the days are short and time is counting down... 

Pastor Amber Shelton brings a powerful word relevant to our times!

Troy Brewer - Sunday

Sunday, August 20th - 10:30 AM

Pastor Troy Brewer breaks down the WORD and teaches believer the spiritual principle of redeeming time. Believers in Yeshua have been granted access into the spiritual dimension where by time can be redeemed. Get ready!

Troy Brewer - Saturday

Saturday, August 19th - 6:30 PM

Pastor Philip Thornton along with Troy and Leanna Brewer share prophetic insights and revelations about the Kingdom of God.  Hear the heart of Troy and Leanna's regarding ministry and the call of God upon thier lives.  

Kings and Kingdoms

Tuesday, August 15th - 7:00 PM

Restored dominion for believers. Contending with kings is required to overthrow and take back territories and regions. Join us as we look at applications to pull down structures supporting the kingdoms of this world!  

The Heritage of the Lord

Sunday, August 13th - 10:30 AM

Each of us have a set time to fulfill our destiny and leave an inheritance for our children and children's children.  It's not too late, learn the law of the Spirit of Life and begin now to build and impart heritage into your children!

From Excuses to Praise

Tuesday, August 8th - 7:00 PM

Praise is who you are! The depth of the Lord calls to depth of our own spirit, as the Word says. Discover the place of praise in relation to your daily life and warfare in the Spirit.  The time is NOW, release the praise that you are!

God Hates Excuses

Sunday, August 6th - 10:30 AM

At times we've all settled for second best in our walk with God.  Can we break free from the excuses we make?  Through solid Biblical examples, learn how you can identify and destroy excuses to obtain the promises of God! 

Wake Jesus Up!

Tuesday, June 27th - 7:00 PM

Pastor Prabu Ganeshan from Dubai, UAE and Founder of Menorah Bible School, Hyderabad India will be bringing insight from the Word from Mark 3 & 4. Testimonies abound as God reveals Himself in this generation

Rapha & Nissi

Sunday, June 25th - 10:30 AM

Psalm 91 declares those who know His name will be set on high. God reveals His name which reveals His character and therefore promises and specific graces that are accessible. Things that are accessible must be obtained by faith.

God Reveals Himself!

Sunday, June 18th - 10:30 AM

God reveals Himself through covenants and the specific manifestation of "graces" to empower and bless His people. The covenants of promise reveal these "graces".  Add to your spiritual arsenal and discover how you can walk in power.

This Same Jesus

Sunday, June 11th - 10:30 AM

As the first begotten He alone has been coronated as LORD. Called Jesus at birth and made Lord of ALL through His victory over sin and death, it is the Lordship of Jesus that provides us with both power and authority to those who know and have faith in Him and His name.

Culture Shifts

Sunday, June 4th - 10:30 AM

The emeny is affecting cultures.  We must work together to shift cultures from darkness to light.  Consistency is a great key.  Like a hammer God's WORD will break into pieces those things that stand in opposition.  Join us as we feed our faith and starve our doubts.

Interruption Alert

"Passion & Compassion"

Tuesday, May 30th - 7:00 PM

The mission, the agenda of the Kingdom is set. Passion and compassion are absolutely necessary to carry it out!  Pastor David brings a rare, insightful, and challenging Word in due season that the Body of Christ desparately needs to hear.

You WILL receive power!

Sunday, May 28rd - 10:30 AM

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will become God's witnesses!  Pastor Jason unpacks the fire and power of the Holy Spirit in this riveting and convicting message. 

Interruption Alert!

Tuesday, May 23rd - 7:00 PM

What happens when your agenda in interrupted? Possibly turn back or even reverse course? Not within the kingdom!  IInterruptions are often a cry for action!  How we see and respond to these interruptions points is key!

God's Advantages & Attributes

Sunday, May 21st - 10:30am

Three primary attributes that set God apart will give us INSIGHT into the power of God's grace and His ability in every situation. The way in which you approach God's Throne is important in order to obtain whatever you have need of.

Moving With The Mind Of God - Happy Mother's Day

Sunday - 5.14.23 - 10:30am

We must posess the Mind of Christ and thereby lives there lives on the positive side of victory. Today Pastor Thornton will begin the discourse on becoming spiritually minded

Faith That Prevails

w/Brynn Shamp

Sunday - 5.7.23 - 10:30am

The Lord God reveals patterns and gives principles for sons and daughters to prevail in this life. Brynn Shamp shares "4 Principles" for developing faith that prevails!  Don't miss these powerful keys!


Sunday - 4.9.23 - 10:30am

Expectations fulfilled through faith!

Jesus is ALIVE!  This is from our Resurreciton Sunday service.  If we believe God, we will see the Kingdom come in power.  Both in our own lives and in the world around us!

Systems of Advantage

Tuesday - 2.19.23 - 10:30AM

Altars in Heaven and on earth provide systems of advantage for those who believe and tend the business of the Kingdom. It is a privilege to God's people.

Access Granted or Denied

Sunday 2.12.23 ~ LFC ~ 10:30 AM

Access is available to everyone. The dimensions of spirit led living and overcoming in life are determined by the door and protocols of approach.

Prayers that Produce Power VI

Tuesday ~ 2.7.23 ~ 7:30 PM

Praying the Word of God is a training exercise for the human spirit. Tonight, we continue in the series, Prayers that Produce Power part 6.

Grace: Your Helper

Sunday 2.5.23 ~ 10:30 AM

The Spirit of grace is more than God's favor upon His people. Grace is the manifest power of God working in the life of His people to help them in many ways.

Prayers that Produce Power V

Tuesday 1.31.23 ~ 7 PM

Tonight we will look in the Letter to the church at Ephesus and uncover the mystery of exhortation and prayers that produce power in the life of a believer.

Manifold Grace

Sunday 1.29.23 ~ 10:30 AM

The grace of God is so much more than favor and benevolence. Today you will discover the access God has granted believers to obtain His power.

Prayers that Produce Power IV

Tuesday ~ 1.24.23 ~ 7PM

The trained human spirit has been granted access to search the deep things of God. Tonight we will look at the mystery of the human spirit and its ability to possess the mind of Christ.

God Good, Devil Bad

Sunday ~ 1.22.23 ~ 10:30AM

Pastor Chad gives us a glimpse behind the scenes to see what drives the events in our lives! Be careful what you settle for!  Gain understanding of the truth, and know how to FIGHT!

Prayers that Produce Power III

Tuesday ~ 1.17.23 ~ 7PM

The Apostle Paul wrote 3/4 of the new testament by revelation knowledge. As one who lived and demonstrated the power of God he knew something about prayers that produce POWER.

Thrones, Gates & Altars

Sunday 1.15.23 ~ 10:30 AM

God gives makes unlimited power available to those who learn to sit in the gates. The heavenly altar aka the throne of grace has been made accessible to all who believe.

Thrones & Altars

Sunday 1.8.23 ~ 10:30 AM

Royal priesthood requires understanding of gates and altars. As children of God and heirs of the covenant of Abraham, we are to possess the gates of our enemies.

Prayers that Produce Power II

Tuesday ~ 1.3.23 ~ 7 PM

Knowing God and knowing God's will are synonymous. Faith begins where the will of God is known. To believe in your heart is to be fully persuaded the things your are believing God for are done.

2023 The Year of Exchange

Sunday ~ 1.1.23 ~ 10:30 AM

Put off the old and put on the new! As YOU embark in this new year 2023', we are challenging you to be intentional during the first 40 days to reset your patterns.

Prayers the Produce Power

Tuesday ~ 12.27.22 ~ 7 PM

People perish for a lack of knowledge. Developing a prayer life is essential to the life of a believer and how you pray matters.

His Word Above His Name II

 Tuesday ~ 12.20.22 ~ 7 PM

Prayer that produces power in the life of a believer must be rooted in God's WORD. Psalm 138:2 declares God magnifies His WORD above His name.

The Word Made Flesh

Sunday 12.18.22 ~ 10:30 AM

Jesus is the WORD that exists eternally. He is God and became flesh to dwell among His creation. As many as did receive Him, to them He gave power to become sons of God.

His Word Above His Name

Tuesday 12.13.22 ~ 7 PM

Jesus is the WORD and He watches over it to perform it! He has exalted His WORD above His name.  Do you know the Word of God?  His will is in His Word!

The First Steps in Building

Your Altar

Sunday 12.11.22 ~ 10:30 AM

We are called a nation of kings and priests unto our God. The priesthood is called to attend the altar. 


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