Key of the Kingdom Series


When you have the right keys, you can go places!  You are granted access to supernaturally open and close doors! 

Keys of the Kingdom pt 6

Tuesday 5.2.23 - 7 PM


We wrestle and war in the spirit against principalities and powers, and kings go out to war. So many believers become weary and don't have the endurance to stand and take their regions and cities.

Keys of the Kingdom pt 5

Tuesday 4.4.23 - 7 PM


Keys open doors. Doors lead to dimensions.  Understanding the keys and how they access spiritual doors is necessary for consistently manifesting the power of God in their lives.

Keys of the Kingdom pt 4

Tuesday 4.4.23 - 7 PM


Praying in the Spirit Pray with your understanding and pray in the Spirit! You CAN, You WILL, and you MUST! Discover the KEY of Praying in tongues, your prayer language!

Keys of the Kingdom pt 3

Tuesday - 3.28.23 - 7pm

Believe, Receive and Engage! The keys of the Kingdom by revelation knowledge grant access to power and movement. Keys also bring divine alignment in life and open doors of opportunity and destiny. Tonight = Engage

Keys of the Kingdom pt 2

Tuesday - 3.21.23 - 7pm

Believe, Receive, and Engage! Keys are given for access and or giving authority to restrict access in both dimensions. God gives and releases specific keys to each believer to empower and reveal destinies and opportunities.

Keys of the Kingdom pt 1

Tuesday - 3.14.23 - 7pm

Jesus said implicitly that He gives KEYS of the KINGDOM to those who are His through the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Keys unlock doors. Doors open dimensions of the Spirit that lead to opportunities, destiny, gifts, and calls.


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