The Heritage of the Lord series

Each of us have a set time to fulfill our destiny and leave an inheritance for our children and grandchildren.  Generations are at risk, we must shift the focus onto what really matters.  It's not too late, but it is late in the game!  We must begin now to build our heritage, imparting into our children before it is too late!  Learn how to impart heritage in this seriers by Pastor Philip.  


From Legion to Legacy

Sunday, September 10th - 10:30 AM


Continuing in the Heritage of the Lord series, Pastor David Payton uses the example of the demoniac of Gadera to show how your captivity can transform into your legacy! Your past does not define you, you can leave a legacy.

Building MY Legacy

Sunday, September 3rd - 10:30 AM

Are you building YOUR legacy? Have you ever wondered "how do I get there from here?" In this Sunday's message "Building My Legacy", Pastor Chad hits you where you live, inspiring and equipping you with practical steps to begin building.  

Passing down you Convictions

Sunday, August 27th - 10:30 AM

Today we begin breaking down the elements of a goodly and Godly inheritance. Things that endures time and secures the Kingdom of God in the hearts of your children has far greater value than silver and gold. 

The Heritage of the Lord

Sunday, August 13th - 10:30 AM

We do not live only for ourselves, there is a responsibility to build a legacy through our children and grandchildren.  In today's message, Pastor Philip introduces five principles that will help you on your journey of imparting heritage.  


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