Evening Classes

Sunday night classes recently finished. They will start again in the new calendar year. Keep an eye out on the Events page. 

New Believers 

TBA @ 6:30 pm

NEW BELIEVERS:  Millions believe in God, but few know how to really "BELIEVE God". 


In this class, you will learn how build and develop your new found relationship with God.  It will help you discover God’s plan for your life and learn basic truths about the Bible, baptisms, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Informative and interactive, you are invited to come and ask your questions as your life is transformed into all the God has for you. 


*There will be a water baptism at the end of the course for all those who have not been baptized.

Christian Foundations

TBA @ 6:30 pm

FOUNDATIONS: We all know that the foundation is important when building.  In fact it is the foundation that secures everything that is seen. 


In this course you will dig deep to lay a foundation that can be built on for life.  Topics include Original Sin, Heaven & Hell, The Fall of Lucifer, Angels and more…  A must for ALL believers, whether new to faith or well seasoned, this class will ensure doctrinal integrity as you build your life on the WORD. 


*If you are brand new Christian, we recommend that you take the New Believer's class before taking this course.

After Eden

TBA @ 6:30 pm

After Eden:  What happened in the time that Adam and Eve left the garden up to the time of Abraham? Is it more than just Noah’s ark and Babel? Come discover deep foundational truths and understanding in this often overlooked part of the Bible. The keys and revelations in this series are essential and will forever change how you look at the rest of Gods word. Cain and Abel, Nephilim, Nimrod, Noah, Covenant, we will cover it all! 


*Christian foundations is a prerequisite for this course